A new breakthrough innovation in the power generation industry.

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What is Neo Smart Energy ?

What is
Neo Smart Energy ?

More About Us

Neo Smart Energy ( Smart G ), is a new breakthrough innovation in the power generation industry. Why? Because it is the first method in the world made by Indonesian which able to produce electricity in a good quality, environmentally friendly, affordable and without any kind of Prime mover. These innovations can generally be referred to as non-mechanical generator.

Smart G Portable Charging Device is our first product varian, it performs as mini generator and able to charge device battery without needed recharge process like a powerbank, because smart G can generate the electric itself. The Smart G will be produced base on the registered patent at the Directorate-General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Justice & Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia.

Product Excellence


Smart G Mobile Generator compare with home solar power plant, our products have some advantages both in terms of technical and economical, among others as Following:
1. The installation is much easier and does not require much space (more portable) making it easier to mobilise.
2. It does not require batteries to store electrical backups.
3. With a relatively similar manufacturing cost to the Smart G Mobile Generator product, you can get more power source with 3 times the equivalent power.
4. Smart G Mobile Generator do not depend on weather conditions
5. The pay back period for investment cost could be less than home solar power plant.


There are 2 main interesting points about this product. First, replacing the Power bank function which currentlythe most market share has occupied by imported brands. Secondly, this product has a great opportunity to replace the function of the battery in either the gadget or the electric motor along with the presence of a presidential decree on the use of electric cars in the country. Smart G Mobile Charging Device will be our main unit in entering the electronic product industry. We intend to produce this tool to be marketed, and then our sales profit will be used to create another product variant with greater value. We work with many parties to ensure that production, sales, and after-sales are well planned. As we know to enter this industry required several preparations especially when we are talking about the working capital, This white paper will describe every step we need to achieve the goal, first of all, we would love to invite all parties to get involved in the project through a blockchain-based tokenization scheme.


conducting Token Sales, the result is used for the production of Smart G Portable Charging Device and other services, 60% of business profits are channeled back to Token Holder through market mechanism in exchanger
Buy at the time of Token Sales event, use the token to buy the product with special price, store up to trade when the token listed on the exchanger, resell to the developer with a higher bid price following the market mechanism, or sell to prospective ecosystem members that require NSE tokens to enter in the busines ecosystem.
have to use the NSE token for buying the products or to pay
buy the product or voucher for resale to the customers, to become a merchant must have a certain number of NSE tokens

Token Detail

Name : Neo Smart Energy
Symbol : NSE
Decimal : 8
Platfrom : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Total Supply : 50,000,000 (50 Million)
SmartContract : 0x81361ba977b6e214e905d4e03c65557b757240d9


07 Oct 2019 - 06 Nov 2019
1 NSE = 0.56 USD
10 Nov 2019 - 09 Dec 2020
1 NSE = 0.63 USD
14 Dec 2019 - 13 Jan 2020
1 NSE = 0.7 USD

Token Allocation

Fund Distribution


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

First Quarter 2018
Research Starter
Fourth Quarter 2018
First Prototype 5kW
First Quarter 2019
ITS Dissertation Session Second Prototype Portable Charging Device
Second Quarter 2019
Tokenization Preparation Team Tuning Prototype Tuning HKI Registration
Third Quarter 2019
Legal Administration Final Product Design Live Now
Fourth Quarter 2019
Token Sale Ecosystem tuning Production Line Preparation
First Quarter 2020
Token Listing production pipeline started
Second Quarter 2020
Product Sales Product Marketing Tuning
Third Quarter 2020
Global Marketing Production Scale Up Release Product Varian
Fourth Quarter 2020
Ecosystem Matured Global Market Aquisition


Hari Yanto




Co Founder


Yayan Wilianto

Co Founder



Prof. Dr. H. Iskandar Zulkarnain

Knowledge Analyst Chief of Group Indonesian Professor & Doctor for Food & Energy Innovation

Eko Hari Sutopo, M.Si

Pamulang University Lecturer (Unpam)

Hendri Kurnia

Product Development Advisor

Ferry Yolanda

Marketing Advisor

Science Paper Support

Neo Sumber Energi (NSE) ltd.

Verbena Blok C, Office Park No. 8, Boulevard Raya Grand Depok City,Sukmajaya, Depok City – West Java, Indonesia 16412

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